Shingles Vaccine Side Effects

Shingles is a very uncomfortable and often painful disease that comes from the same virus that brings chicken pox. After getting the chicken pox virus, it sits dormant in the body and once someone develops shingles, the virus reawakens. The shingles vaccine side effects are extremely mild, when compared to the pain of the disease.

Reduce the Risk with a Safe Vaccine
Luckily, there is a vaccine that is recommended for adults so they reduce their risk of getting shingles. Those age 50 and over are advised to get the shingles vaccine, as long as they are healthy and have not have recent chemotherapy or steroid treatments. Adults who get the vaccination only need to get one shot. It is even recommended for people who have already developed shingles, but they should wait at least a year after the episode to have the vaccination.
Side Effects of the Rash
The rash associated with Shingles is not deadly, but it can have some horrible side effects. Those who get the rash on their face can lose their eyesight. The rash is painful and the pain can remain even after the rash is gone.
Minor Side Effects from the Vaccine
The actual shingles vaccine is quite safe. The most common side effects involve getting a few little chicken pox blisters near the injection site, but they are not contagious and they do go away rather quickly. These shingle vaccine side effects happen to about one third of the adults who get the vaccine.  Experts say that the only people who should not get the shingles vaccine are those who have a weakened immune system.
The other potential side effect that occurs in every one out of seventy people is a headache. A few other shingles vaccine side effects include pain at the site of the injection as well as minor swelling. In very rare occurrences, some people have developed fevers, diarrhea, and other flu-like symptoms. Physicians recommend that anyone who has had a vaccine of any type be closely monitored for side effects.
At this time, there have been no majorly debilitating side effects associated with the vaccine. It is only recommended for adults and it should not be given to children, ever. The vaccine is often provided at a very low cost at national pharmacy chains and medical offices around every community.
Look for Health Insurance Coverage
It is worth checking out whether or not the shingles vaccine is covered under insurance. There are many health insurance policies that cover vaccinations because they are considered to be preventative medicine. Often, many county health departments will give vaccines for free. These are great ways to save a little money while improving your health.
Prevent the Pain from Shingles
No one wants to suffer from any preventable diseases, like shingles. The shingles vaccine side effects are so mild, especially in comparison to other vaccinations. Unless you have a compromised immune system, then getting the shingles vaccination is a no-brainer. Those who have the vaccination have a significantly reduced chance of getting this painful rash that seems to stay forever, as the pain lingers on even at the slightest touch.

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