Shingles in The Eye

Where there is shingles in the eye, it is a condition that is related to the regular adult shingles. A person who had chicken pox as a child is more likely to develop eye shingles although this is not true of every person who had chicken pox. Some of the symptoms of eye shingles include scratches on the cornea, redness in the eye, swelling of the eyes, pain or itching in eyes and sometimes rashes or bumps on the upper eyelids. It is for these reasons that your doctor will recommend that you stay home from work or other social situations because you could pass eye shingles to someone else.


Treatment of Shingles in the Eye


One way to treat eye shingles is by taking ant-viral medication that your doctor will prescribe. Another option is to take over-the-counter pain relievers for the itching in your eyes. If you are allergic to certain prescription drugs you should seek out natural remedies or products. You can do this by reading health articles on this topic or visiting natural health stores. Vitamin supplements are good for eye health so these are good non-chemical options. Certain fruits and vegetables are also great for relieving eye shingles because of the vitamins they contain. For example, carrots are rich in vitamin A, which benefits the eyes.


Blindness Is A Possibility


Did you know that in rare cases of eye shingles blindness may happen? Blindness could happen if the shingles gets deep into your cornea and other inner sections of your eye to the point that not much can be done regarding treatment. If your eye shingles is getting worse rather than better, you need to see the eye doctor immediately so you can prevent the blindness early.


Antibiotics Help With Eye Shingles


Your eye doctor may also prescribe antibiotics to treat eye shingles. Erythromycin is an antibiotic that is good for eliminating the redness in your eyes and the baritracin helps reduce skin rashes and bumps that appear on the eyelids when you first develop eye shingles.


Shingles Vaccines


Another way to treat eye shingles is by getting the shingles vaccine. Before you get it you want to talk with your doctor to ensure that you are healthy enough for it, and if you are pregnant you should not get the vaccine as this could cause health problems for the unborn child.


Shingles in the eye is a painful and potentially blindness-causing condition that must be treated as soon as possible. You want to monitor the symptoms carefully and if you notice anything that is abnormal, meet with the doctor. You have various treatments available for your condition and they range from antibiotics to natural remedies such as healthy eating. Usually the condition lasts two to four weeks and you will need to stay home so you will not pass this along to others. It is a good idea to rest during the period of the infection and drink plenty of fluids so your body can be hydrated.

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